Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning Heroes is the leading Tile & Grout cleaning company in Southern Oregon. Our proven tile & grout cleaning methods mean we’ll be able to tackle even the toughest tile & grout cleaning tasks and our reputation and experience ensure you’ll receive excellent service, quality cleaning and be satisfied you chose Cleaning Heroes.

While many companies struggle to understand the same why tile & grout is so difficult to clean, Cleaning Heroes has been making cleaning tile & grout and wowing our customers for years.

If you’re looking for a “cheap” tile cleaner, we’re not for you. We only offer the very best tile & grout cleaning available and back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. While our services are affordable for everyone, you won’t receive cut rate service from the time you call until we follow up with you after your cleaning is complete.

Our 15 Step Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

1: Pre-Inspection & Testing

We will inspect your surfaces to determine expected cleaning results. This means we test to see if there is sealer already applied to your grout. We look for damaged grout and cracked tiles. We test the mortar bed strength by gently tapping on each tile. This prevents the surprise of a broken tile during cleaning. We test any abnormal spotting to determine the best cleaning method. Finally we’ll discuss any concerns.

2: Sweep/Vacuum Floor/Surface

Your floor/surfaces are vacuumed to remove loose debris.

3: Tape and Protect

We will protect baseboards, cabinets, walls, and any furniture in the work area. Although our system is engineered to be self-contained, a small amount of moisture is released at times. We take every precaution to protect the beauty of your home.

4: Apply Alkaline Grout Cleaner

Grout will be treated with an alkaline cleaning agent to release protein based soils. Failure to complete this step with result in minimal cleaning gains in the following steps as the protien soil acts as a barrier for cleaning agents which need to fully contact the full tile and grout surface for the best cleaning result.

5: Hot Water Extraction

We use a rinse that has moderate water pressure to remove the cleaning agents and the suspended soils. The tools used are self contained and don’t create excessive overspray or over wetting. This rinsing is able to access the dips and valleys in grout lines and some textured tiles where a mop falls short.

6: Apply Acid Grout Cleaner

Grout is now treated with an acid cleaning agent to remove any alkaline soils and to remove persistent staining.

7: Hot Water Extraction

A second deep rinse removes all cleaning agents and soils.

8: Apply Alkaline Grout Cleaner

Grout will be treated with an alkaline cleaning agent to bring the pH of the tile and grout back to an alkaline state. It is VERY important that this step be done as sealers are designed to be applied to an alkaline floor and grout will degrade rapidly if left in an acid state.

9: Hot Water Extraction

A third deep rinse removes all cleaning agents and leaves the tile and grout in a clean and ready to seal state.

10: Speed Dry

A high velocity air mover is placed on the floor to accelerate drying. To achieve the best penetration of the impregnating sealer and improve its protective ability it needs to be applied to tile and grout that is near or completely dry.

11: Post Cleaning Inspection

Prior to applying sealer we like to briefly show you what we were able to achieve during the cleaning process. Ensure your satisfaction with the cleaning results, discuss any areas where excellent results were achieved or perhaps areas that might raise concern.

12: Apply Grout Sealer

A premium impregnating grout sealer is applied directly to the grout and excess sealer is removed. (*Platinum and White Glove packages only)

13: Speed Dry

A high velocity air mover is placed on the floor to accelerate drying. This will reduce the potential for any issues related to prolonging dry times and ready the floor for light use.

14: Post Sealing Inspection

After sealing has been completed and drying is nearly completion we would appreciate it if you would look over the areas services to ensure your complete satisfaction!

15: Care Package

Shoe covers, a high quality tile and stone spotter, magnet and client book are left to help you care for your freshly cleaned tile or stone and to find us again when you need us. Remember, we want to see you again. Don’t hesitate to contact us for ANY reason!

What to Expect After Cleaning

Circulate Air & Maintain Temperature

Keep you house around 70°F. Turn on any ceiling fans to help circulate air. Running the A/C during summer OR winter will help keep the air dry and expedite drying. In either season it can be beneficial to have a couple of windows cracked to allow excess moist air to escape. (Yep you read that right, even during the winter. Hard surfaces can dry just as good during the winter as summer. Want to know more? Just ask!)

Be Safe & Use Caution

We’ll leave you as many pairs of shoe covers as you need to help minimize the inconvenience to your family as the carpet dries. It is best if traffic is kept to a minimum until the grout, stone and sealer is fully dry. Even though we will leave the surfaces as dry as possible before leaving to dry completely can take 2-3 hours. The best way to tell is look or light and dark areas. Typically if the grout looks completely uniform then it is dry. If they are dark areas then it still needs time to dry. Remember that just because it is dry in one area, limited air movement and other factors may mean it is not dry in all areas. BE CAREFUL! If you decide to walk from the wet hard surface onto an adjacent hard surface like tile, wood, stone, vinyl be EXTREMELY careful. Hold onto something sturdy and step lightly as your feet may be wet and this presents a serious slip hazard. We would hate for you or your family to be injured. Foot traffic while the grout, stone and sealer is damp will increase the potential for rapid resoiling as the moisture will attract any soil from your shoes. It may also track onto other areas inadvertently. It is best to keep traffic to a minimum.

A Few Last Details

We will place small block and tabs under furniture after we move it. Although the grout, stone and sealer may be dry in a few hours it is important these be left in place for a minimum of 3 days to ensure ALL moisture has escaped from underneath them and sealer has bonded fully. After removal you may save them for next time or dispose of them in your household garbage. Sealers achieves a full bond in about 24 hours. It is vital that there are no spills during this period. If a spill occurs be sure to absorb it up quickly and use a little moisture as possible so as not to remove the sealer.

Guide to Tile Care

Purchase a good quality dust mop and sweep your floors daily. This is especially important in new installations where the grout has not fully cured. Dirt, mud, and sand tend to abrade the grout mortar from heavy foot traffic. Dirt collecting carpet mats should be placed in frequently used entrances and shaken out weekly. We do not recommend the use of floor waxes as they can be difficult to remove from ceramic tile floors. As long as your floor is properly sealed and maintained, you should find no need for these products. Shower stall and tub enclosures should have proper ventilation. Stagnant water breeds stain causing mildew as well as other fungi.

2 to 3 Times Per Week

Mop or sponge your tile down. Use only Stone Tech Revitalizer or Neutral Cleaner to mop with. It leaves no soil attracting residues. Mop up excess water and allow to dry. Buffing with a dry towel will help to reduce spotting.


Wet the floor significantly and use the grout brush to clean the accumulated soil out of the grout lines. Mop as usual to remove excess moisture and mop one more time with clean clear water to remove any remaining soil.


At least once per year you should have a periodic cleaning done to remove build up. This process should not remove sealer that is still firmly in place. It will remove surface build up and prolong the life of the sealer.

Every 3 Years

A restorative clean should be done to restore the grout and tile to its original condition. Sealer will need to be reapplied at this time as a restorative clean will mostly remove most if not all existing sealer. Use only the best products and tools.

Do’s & Dont’s


  • Dust mop floors frequently
  • Clean surfaces with Stone Tech Revitalizer or Neutral Cleaner ONLY!!!
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry the surface after washing
  • Blot up spills immediately and rinse with Stone Tech Revitalizer
  • Protect floor surfaces with non-slip mats or areas rugs and counter top surfaces with coasters, trivets or place mats


  • Use vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acids on marble, limestone, and travertine or onyx surfaces
  • Use cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners or tub & tile cleaners
  • Use abrasive cleaners such as dry cleansers or softcleansers