Professional Window Cleaning in Medford, Oregon & Surrounding Areas

We provide highly-reputable commercial & residential window washing services in Medford and other areas of Southern Oregon. We can keep both the interior and exterior windows in your home sparkling, fresh and inviting. 78% of our clients are from referrals and we are happy to back all of our work by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Window Types We Clean

We can clean both the exterior, interior, tracks and screens of a variety of windows including transom, double hung, french, storm, single pane, mirror, doors and cathedral.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In a world where most guarantees are just a marketing gimmick, Cleaning Heroes stands out. When you call on us for your cleaning needs, you can trust that you will receive the services you request, at the prices we have quoted and we will provide all the services we promised, or we will refund your purchase price. No questions, no hassle.

Additional Window Cleaning Products & Services

Hard Water Spot Removal

In some cases we can use a cleaning agent designed to dissolve hard water spots. Please ask for your technician to review the areas of concern and advise on options available.

Water Repellent

All windows benefit from a water repellent, but especially exterior windows as it is the presence of water, dried through evaporation, that leaves behind the mineral deposits we call hard water spots. By applying a repellent, the water is less likely to remain on the window and over time this will reduce the potential for hard water spotting. This can be very helpful in areas where sprinkler overspray is common or areas that are frequently wetted by exposure to weather.


Energy efficiency has become a major priority as we all work to conserve and use less to keep our homes and businesses comfortable. Windows are one of the most vulnerable areas in a building and tinting can reduce the heat/cold transfer as well as increase privacy. For more information about tinting, please ask for technician to discuss options available for your home or business.

An OSHA Ladder Certified Company

Our staff is OSHA Ladder Certified. Learn more about ladder safety and how if affects your home and business.

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Cleaning Heroes - Window Cleaners in Medford, OR

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Our Window Washing Methods

Interior Window Cleaning Method
  • For windows with tracks and pane is removable
  • Apply soft water gentle detergent solution
  • Gentle agitation with soft window mop to loosen finger prints and debris
  • Squeegee to remove solution and debris
  • Towel edges, trim and sill
Exterior Window Cleaning Method
  • Light bristle brush used to remove dry debris
  • Apply soft water w/ gentle detergent
  • Gentle agitation with #0000 steel wool to loosen debris
  • Apply additional soft water for rinsing
  • Heavy debris may be removed with a blade as deemed appropriate
  • Squeegee to remove solution and debris
  • Towel edges, trim and drips

Happy clients, it’s just how we do business.

“Impressed with knowledge and care”

I chose Cleaning Heroes over other cleaning companies because I was impressed with the knowledge and care that Jesse conveyed. He took the time to explain how he would clean and maintain my rugs ensuring a long life for them. I was pleased that I wouldn’t have to replace them right away.

After they were cleaned, I was pleased with the outcome, they looked great! Jesse also gave me follow-up care instructions to use with my cat and dog’s little messes and he will replace the solution for free as long as they keep making messes!

I am excited when I get a good deal for the money I’ve spent, that’s what I got with Cleaning Heroes. I would recommend them to anyone who is environmentally conscience and wants to protect the investments they’ve made in their home. Mark and Beth Mortonson

Simply amazed

I came to know about Cleaning Heroes from a flyer a received on my doorstep. How articulate and well written the flyer was motivated me to call Cleaning Heroes.

After interacting with Jesse I felt he would do the best job I could ask for. He provided a thorough consultation, helped me understand my needs and how he would meet my expectations. His communications skills are extraordinary! After having working with Jesse I am amazed how over and above he went to make sure everything met my expectations.

I have and will continue to highly recommend Jesse to my friends. Jesse really makes you feel that you are a friend and not just a client. He is interested in making your carpet cleaning experience the best one possible. Connie Hansen

Small business owner / Homemaker

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