Emergency Spot Removal

Have a spot emergency that can’t wait for an appointment? Here is an easy guide to help you remove MOST spots from your textiles.

  1. Don’t panic and get in a hurry
  2. Locate the following 3 things.
    • A wet/dry vacuum (such as a Shop Vac)
    • A plastic bottle with a flop top (approx 32 ounces or 1 quart)
    • A clean white cotton towel (one you’re not madly in love with)
  3. Get a corner of the towel wet with HOT of water. Place the wet corner directly on the rug near the problem area. With a shoe on, press the towel on the rug. Count to 30.
  4. Take the towel up and look at the wet area.
    • If the towel has color transfer, repeat the same process with a clean corner of towel but with COLD water. If you get color transfer with cold water it is best to call Cleaning Heroes for help to keep from damaging your rug. (Contact Us)
    • B) If the towel has little or no color transfer then proceed to step 5
  5. Fill the bottle with cold water and plug in your vacuum near the spot.
  6. Start by vacuuming up as much of the spot as possible without water.
  7. (See video below) Working in small sections about the size of your hand, apply a small amount of water directly to the spot. Wait about 1 full second then extract it out with the vacuum. Repeat this process multiple times (as many as it takes until you get no more progress) and when done slowly vacuum the area to remove excess moisture.
    Helpful video:
    (yep, before Cleaning Heroes, we were Thrive Cleaning Co.)
  8. Repeat step 7 until all affected areas have been cleaned.
  9. When done rinsing and extracting, spend a little more time vacuuming slowly for maximum moisture removal.
  10. Place dry clean white cotton towel over area and with shoe on, stand on the towel and count to 50. This will absorb more moisture and speed the drying of the area. Do not panic if a small amount of color bleeds.
  11. Place a fan on the spot to accelerate drying.
  12. If you are satisfied with the results, clean up the vacuum, wash the towel and you’re all set. Keep it handy for next time.
  13. If you’re not happy with the outcome, feel free to give us a call or schedule online for a cleaning visit!

Happy cleaning!