What Causes Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes in Medford OR

carpet cleaning in medford oregonIt’s not exactly common knowledge, but there are carpet cleaning mistakes being made right now as I’m writing this. In fact they are so common place you almost wonder how a person can avoid having someone screw up their carpet cleaning in Medford, OR. Unless you’ve spent years in the cleaning business and know the ins and outs and where they “hide the monkey” you wouldn’t really know what to look for and how could you? I supposed that nearly every industry has this type of problem and customers are victimized daily so the carpet cleaning industry isn’t someone exception to the rule, but rather status quo. So let’s take a look at carpet cleaning mistakes, the basic causes and how to avoid them

Causes of Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

In a nutshell most carpet cleaning mistakes are caused by two things.

1. Uneducated carpet cleaners

Despite there being more education available, both formal and informal, in the cleaning industry that at any time in the past there are still millions of carpet cleanings our there with nothing more than a on-the-job education. This means they are only able to repeat what it is they learned on the job with whoever took them and showed them the basics of cleaning carpet. Now this can either be a great starting education or simply could be a terrible beginning that has snowballed out of control. It all depends on the tutor and his knowledge. Whatever the tutor doesn’t know, the student will also be ignorant of. This is a problem since there are simply too many scenarios which can transpire in the course of cleaning for a person to simply learn by doing. It could take 30+ years to learn them all and that’s if you even took the time to study the problem when encountered and how to resolve it properly. That’s to say you would even know what a problem was if you came across it. Not likely given the limited scope of the foundation knowledge. Therefore you’re bound to make mistakes, not even know you made them and when brought to your attention you’ll have no idea where to start in correcting it.

2. Uneducated customers

A common idiom is the blind leading the blind and both will surely fall into a pit. This is true of many consumers as it pertains to many things and carpet cleaning is no exception. One simply cannot know all that they need to know in order to sniff out a fraud carpet cleaner. Let’s be honest here and admit that few carpet cleaning companies are willing to give up their knowledge if they even have any to begin with. Therefore it’s a lose-lose battle. So a consumer, though not obligated, is wise to self educate and become somewhat informed about industry standards, what to expect, what is proper and what to look for in a reliable company. This will put them on a better path to partnering with a company which likely doesn’t make many mistakes and when they do are more likely to stand behind their service and work to correct the problems.

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