Carpet Cleaning Schools in Medford Oregon and Beyond

carpet cleaning business in medford oregonIt may come as a surprise to many people that there are formal schools where a person can learn carpet cleaning not only as a skill but the many facets which qualify a person as a professional in the field.

Early on in my career it became very obvious that while I had enough knowledge to do a decent job, earn an income and get customers I was going to need to take things to a much higher level to work for the clients which pay the best and have the lifestyle that I wanted.

Finding out what I knew and having someone with decades of experience showing me the vast amounts of knowledge I did not have and would eventually need to assimilate was eye opening if not a bit disheartening. Becoming a professional carpet cleaner isn’t an over night deal. Even spending the next 3 years getting formal education would still leave me with much to learn from the hands on application and real world scenarios a classroom simply can’t cover.

Going to my first class was more like getting hit with a ton of bricks. The sheer amount of information in the form of textbooks and real world scenarios was overwhelming. I remember going back to my aunts house nearby and trying to digest all that data. In fact I recall be quite excited about it all. Over the past 10 years and thousands of carpet cleaning jobs later that excitement had faded substantially but the knowledge has stuck with me and served me very well.

If I were to do it all over again I wouldn’t have wasted a year trying to figure things out on my own. In hind sight the best thing I could have done was head straight to class with an open mind and try to understand not only how carpet cleaning works but the business, marketing and growth of a carpet cleaning business in Medford Oregon.

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