Notes About Carpet Cleaning as a Career in Medford Oregon

carpet cleaning company in medford oregonCarpet cleaning in Medford has always been a fun job for me. It allows me to meet a lot of new people that I would likely never encounter and affords me the opportunity to be in a diverse array of gorgeous homes. In fact I might suggest that I have more access to more beautiful estates and the fascinating owners which care for them than most real estate agents do.

One thing which attracts many to the carpet cleaning business is quick easy money. Most of these folks will never know the side of the business I love which is working for people who truly appreciate you. This mindset however rarely serves folks who have very well. The clients who are willing to hire cleaners who aren’t professional likewise have little interest in paying the highest possible price. This tends to make it hard for people to make a living wage and so few don’t know anything else since this approach to business is mainstream. The result is people coming and going from the business on a steady basis. That segment of cleaning is a hard knock life with endless hard hours, excessive wear on your body, poor income and likely little or no profit.

For the “lucky” few who fall into carpet cleaning and have a little success it can be a rewarding career. I wouldn’t say if would be my first recommendation but it can feed a family and is a productive service to society. Those who take their business seriously can often learn from veterans and over time build large businesses. Scale provides access to resources and enables them to eventually grow behind themselves and enjoy some freedoms.

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