5 Reasons to choose Cleaning Heroes as your Medford carpet cleaners

5 Reasons to Choose Cleaning Heroes as your Medford Carpet Cleaners


Which Medford Carpet Cleaners will you choose?

Choosing a carpet cleaning company can be tricky. After all in the phone book, or on Google, all carpet cleaning companies in Medford look the same. So how do you choose? Here are 5 Reasons you should choose Cleaning Heroes as your Medford carpet cleaners.

Solid reputation

If you ask your local carpet retailers, interior designers, dry cleaners and many others, you’ll likely hear with enthusiasm that Cleaning Heroes is the most reputable. We’ve done this through a simple approach to our business. We make simple promises, educate our clients on what they can expect from our carpet cleaning services and then we deliver those services just as we promised.

Frequent and ongoing education

Anyone can get a business card and advertise themselves as a carpet cleaner. Just look in the phone book. There are hundreds! So why do so few do it WELL? The first and most important reason so few are GOOD carpet cleaners is they lack education. Carpet cleaning is a science and requires education to fully understand why carpet soiling happens, how to address it carefully and not cause damage. Cleaning Heroes places a high value on education attending industry classes, reading industry trade journals and contributing to industry forums on a regular basis. This ensures whatever carpet cleaning challenges our clients face, we’re knowledgeable and ready to help!

Decades of experience

Where education leaves off, experience begins. One cannot emphasize enough how important experience is in providing good carpet cleaning services. Cleaning Heroes nearly 40 years of experience have been instrumental in establishing ourselves as the go-to carpet cleaners. You can be confident whatever carpet cleaning challenge you have we have already tackled it and can help you do the same.

Clear communication

A good carpet cleaning experience starts and ends with excellent communication. Empowering you with knowledge ensures that you are making the best possible decisions for your needs. Before we could become the best, we had to become the best communicators. Why? We find that most carpet cleaners lose their customer not because of poor cleaning, though this is also rampant, but with poor communication. Whether it is communicating when we will arrive, what our carpet cleaning can and cannot do or what to expect after your carpet cleaning appointment is over, you can trust that Cleaning Heroes will communicate clearly and leave you with peace of mind.

Non Toxic Eco Friendly Green Carpet Cleaning

One cannot emphasize enough the value of knowing what your carpet cleaner is using in your home. Carpet represents a large portion of your home and your family will be exposed to whatever your carpet cleaner uses to clean. Cleaning Heroes takes the matter of green carpet cleaning VERY seriously and empower our customers with non-toxic, eco friendly, green carpet cleaning options. This takes effort, discipline and again more communication so you know what to expect, but also understand the benefits of green carpet cleaning in the long run. Being the best Medford cleaners includes empowering you with eco friendly carpet cleaning options.