2 Common Medford Oregon Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

If you’re like many Medford OR carpet cleaning customers you’ve perhaps worked with one of the many carpet cleaners in Medford who claim to be professional yet time and again make the same mistakes. It’s not that they want to do this. They are going to make these mistakes for the majority of their career until they either run themselves out of business by losing all of their customers or fumble their way through making a living for most of their life and give up after living paycheck to paycheck for way too long. So what are the mistakes that they make so often? Let’s take a look at three.

1. No pre-vacuuming carpet

There is just something about being able to see results that makes a person either psychologically commit to doing a process or say to themselves “that’s just a formality and serves no purpose so I won’t waste my time”. That thinking is what motivates or should I say demotivates most cleaners from vacuuming the carpet before they clean it. It’s the illusion that they don’t NEED to that says well if it doesn’t make me money, then why should I do it? If only they actually cared enough to find out that this is the number one cause of nearly all major problems experience by the customer after the carpet cleaning is complete. Some examples are soil wicking to the surface, premature wear and abrasion. The simple truth is that vacuuming will reduce the dry grit in a carpet by as much as 80%. Skipping that one small step has huge consequences and yet so many do it every single day at the expense of you their customer.

2. Too much chemical on the carpet

Another common mistake made by carpet cleaners is falling prey to the “if a little chemical is good, then a lot of chemical must be better” thinking. This type of thinking leads them to use higher and higher potency chemicals in higher and higher concentrations without thought to the end game. In fact the most common measuring method used amount carpet cleaners in the “glug glug” method. This is the sound a jug makes when you just pour it out. They are given well tested, well researched directions on proper dilutions and yet the ignore them in favor of a lazy and careless method. What is the consequence of this laziness? Yet again problems. You’ll see things as common as rapid re-soiling, which actually is part of a great business plan for many carpet cleaners as this means you’ll need cleaning more often which means more sales for them and pretty soon they’ve got a steady paycheck coming in until you get wise to the situation, fire them and tell all your friends to do the same. Because of the new soil magnet your carpet will wear quicker, be more likely to accept staining materials and overall will shorten both the usable life and visual life. Leads to more waste and filling the landfills with garbage.

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